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Ending HIV/AIDS in the United States is not just the mission of AIDS United…it’s a MOVEMENT with momentum—and most importantly—measurable progress. It’s a movement made up of hundreds of advocates, organizations…and YOU.

  • If you make a financial donation that helps support the work of AIDS United and the hundreds of community-based organizations we partner with, you are part of our movement!
  • If you sign up to stay informed about AIDS United and our grantmaking, policy and capacity-building work, you are part of our movement!
  • If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, then you are part of our movement!
  • If you take action on an issue by contacting your lawmakers, or educating your community, you are part of our movement!
  • And, most importantly—if you know your status—and, for those living with HIV, have sought treatment, and, for those negative, are using your prevention tool box—you are a part of our movement!

Engage with AIDS United—with your donation, with your time, with your passion—and you are part of our movement!

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Charity Navigator | Four Star CharityAIDS United has been ranked a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator.


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