What’s at Stake — Election 2024

Every election is a chance to set a new direction for this country. Voting — not just for president, but for down ballot candidates as well — is one of the strongest ways you can help end the HIV epidemic and create the communities where we can all thrive. What do you need to consider as you cast your vote? These issues are some of the most important at stake when turning out to vote in 2024.

We need to ensure that we have adequate funding for our communities’ life-saving programs, such as the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, HOPWA, Ending the HIV Epidemic and the Minority HIV/AIDS Initiative, while also protecting these programs from attacks and budget cuts to keep our community healthy. We must also prioritize our HIV prevention efforts by significantly increasing access to PrEP for underserved communities by securing funding for a national PrEP program.

 In addition to protecting and building upon our current HIV infrastructure, we must also prioritize working on intersectional issues impacting our community, such as abortion access and reproductive health, harm reduction and drug user health, LGBTQ health and discrimination, immigration and protecting our safety net programs.

High-quality, affordable health care is necessary for people living with HIV to stay healthy and prevent HIV transmission. Medicaid is a lifeline for more than 66 million individuals in the United States, including as many as 400,000 low-income people living with HIV. As the largest source of insurance coverage for people living with HIV, Medicaid secures access to life-saving treatments and services. In addition, the Affordable Care Act brought comprehensive and affordable health care coverage and consumer protections for people living with HIV and millions of other Americans.

We must protect the funding for the healthcare programs that are critically vital to our communities, like the Medicaid and Medicare programs, from budget cuts to maintain and improve the health of our communities. We must also oppose any legislative efforts to undermine lower drug pricing negotiations or undermine the Affordable Care Act, which would have a negative impact on the health outcomes for the HIV community. 

Currently, there are efforts to rollback the progress that we have achieved to increase healthcare access in this country through our court system. We must protect our access to preventative services, such as PrEP and birth control, and protect our access to medical abortion and the independence of the FDA and other government agencies from unnecessary interference in our healthcare

Election FAQs

Everything you need to know before election day! Get the information and details you need before you cast your vote at the ballot box.

When is Election Day 2024?

Election Day 2024 is Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Where can you check to see if you are registered to vote or not?

Is there a deadline to register to vote?

How do you register to vote?

Is early voting an option? If so, when and where does early voting take place?

Depends on the state.

How do you find out where to go to vote on Election Day?

What time will the polls open and close on Election Day?

How do I know what I am voting for during this election?

Do I need an ID to vote on Election Day 2024?

Depends on the state.

Can I vote by mail or vote through absentee voting in my state?

Depends on the state.

How do I vote while I am living overseas or in the military?

Can I vote with a criminal history?

Are there any resources for voters with disabilities? 

Is there any information for trans and non-binary voters?

How can I vote as a college student?

Where can I find general voting information in my state?

What if I have any questions about voting or experience issues while voting at the polls?

For questions about voting or if you experience issues while voting, head to Election Protection website at https://866ourvote.org/ or you can call the Election Protection Hotline.
Election Protection Hotline (English) – 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)
Election Protection Hotline (Spanish) – 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682)
Election Protection Hotline (Asian Languages/English) – 888-API-VOTE (888-274-8683)
Election Protection Hotline (Arabic/English) – 844-YALLA-US (844-925-5287)

2024 Presidential HIV Questionnaire

The 2024 presidential candidates are uniquely positioned to make history in the fight to end the HIV epidemic.

To better understand the presidential candidates’ responses to the HIV epidemic and the myriad public health crises that face our nation in 2024, a coalition of more than 50 organizations led by AIDS United and the Act Now End AIDS Coalition sent a survey to the candidates who are running for president. 

The survey is intended to assess the positions of the candidates running for president concerning HIV. The nonpartisan coalition of organizations that created this survey do not endorse any candidate or political party.