Honor Garden

To commemorate our 10th anniversary in 2021, we have created a Virtual Honor Garden. This Honor Garden is meant to offer a unique way to recognize and remember family, friends and events that have touched your life while also supporting AIDS United.

Share a photo and story of someone close to your heartsomeone special who has passed or someone who is still here, living with HIV — to inspire, engage and maybe even change the narrative some may have about life with HIV. Donations starting at $100 can get a favorite flower named after a loved one, or maybe a tree, a bench for someone who loved parks, a statue for those who love sculptures or a building for someone who enjoyed architecture.

There are many ways to honor that special person:

  • Flowers for donations beginning at $100
  • Trees for donations beginning at $500
  • Benches for donations beginning at $1,000
  • Memorials for donations beginning at $2,000
  • Buildings for donations beginning at $5,000