Tell a story and include a call to action.

Use Social Media:

  • Setup a Facebook Fundraiser
  •  Share your personal fundraising on all channels available to you (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn and get to dancing on TikTok), but if you want to choose only a few go for Facebook first. Remember to customize your messages for each channel, since they are unique in their demographics and uses.

Social Media Best Practices:

  • Use the company’s branding when doing artwork to share on social media.
  • Use the right artwork sizes for each channel.
  • Check up on the best times to post on each channel.
  •  Create # hashtags for Instagram and Twitter.
  • Always use good quality photos and images.
  • Customize your message:
    • Facebook: Is the most popular channel across all demographics. It lends itself to more casual language and is better for sharing long stories that provoke emotional impact.
    • Instagram: All about great-quality images, most of its users are 25-34 years old.
    • Twitter: 63% of users are between 35-65. Fast-paced and concise, a favorite for breaking news and it’s great for polls.
    • LinkedIn: Professional social network, great for lead generation. 37% are aged 30-49.
    • Snapchat: Image and video messaging app. 53% of its users are aged 15-25.
    • YouTube: With 2 billion monthly users, 81% of them are aged 15-25.
    • TikTok: Allows users to generate 15-second videos and host live streams. With over 800 million active users worldwide, 50% of its audience is under 34.

Create an event – and Yes! Virtual events work and have impact!:

  •   Bake sale with pick-up option
  • Online garage sale with pick-up option
  • Virtual bingo night
  • Virtual yoga/Pilates/dance class
  • Video gaming marathon
  • Online auctions

Passive fundraising:
 Leave donation jars at local businesses.

Under $25 Strategies:

  •  Ask 5 people to join you & have each donate $20
  • Share fundraiser with 5 family members & ask for $10 each
  • Share on social media & tag 5 friends, ask for $20 each