We can end the HIV epidemic.

In the ongoing work for social justice and true equity, ending the HIV epidemic in the United States is our chosen role.
We’ve seen firsthand how the intersectionality of social injustice, discrimination and health care disparity impacts those of us living with HIV, and we believe alleviating this struggle is a pivotal step toward our national well-being.

What we do

Our roadmap to ending the epidemic is based on these six pillars:

Commit to end the U.S. HIV epidemic and eliminate health disparities.
Ensure broad and equitable access to effective HIV care and treatment.
Prevent new HIV transmissions.
Address social and structural barriers to effective HIV prevention and care.
Maintain U.S. leadership in lifesaving research.
Support the meaningful involvement of people living with and vulnerable to HIV.

The AIDS United Public Policy Council

We bring together organizations from across the United States to advocate for those of us living with and vulnerable to HIV and the organizations that serve them.