Tell Congress: No HIV funding cuts

Some of our most essential federal HIV programs are in grave danger.

House Republicans put forward earlier this year a spending bill for 2024 that would all but eliminate any chance we have of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030, dismantling our federal HIV response and placing millions of people living with and vulnerable to HIV at significant risk.

If passed, this spending bill would slash $767 million in spending on federal HIV programs, including:

  • Defunding the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative.
  • Defunding all of Part F of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, including the AIDS education and training centers, Special Projects of National Significance Program and dental coverage.
  • Cutting over $150 million in funding for the Minority AIDS Initiative.

Fortunately, both Democratic and Republican senators are demonstrating that they recognize the vital importance of funding our nation’s response to the HIV epidemic, by rejecting the massive and irresponsible HIV spending cuts of their House counterparts and putting forward spending bills that at the very least maintain HIV funding at the same level as last year.

If we are going to end the HIV epidemic by 2030, we are still going to need a significant increase in federal HIV funding. However, given the current political environment and the recently imposed caps on federal discretionary spending over the next two years, maintaining level funding for HIV programs would constitute a success for our community.

Congress needs to hear from you.

Tell Congress to reject the unconscionable cuts to HIV funding proposed by House Republicans and support the bipartisan funding package put forth in the Senate that would keep HIV funding stable and allow us to continue our work to support people living with and affected by HIV.

We cannot end the HIV epidemic in the United States without this funding.

Help us by writing to your member of Congress today.