Several people sit in the office of a member of Congress. Four people are on couches and two people are in arm chairs. They wear AIDSWatch shirts that read, "This is what an HIV advocate looks like."

AIDSWatch began 31 years ago with a small group of dedicated advocates and became the nation’s largest, national, constituent-based HIV advocacy event. 

The tradition will continue March 17-19, 2024. 

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Each year AIDSWatch brings together hundreds of people living with HIV and their allies in Washington, D.C., to learn about the latest policy issues, messaging strategy and advocacy tactics. And we will keep returning, until we have succeeded in ending the HIV epidemic.

We now have the knowledge and tools to end the HIV epidemic in the United States, and federal officials have committed to doing so in the next 10 years. However, meeting this goal will require substantial scale-up of solutions, removal of barriers and real leadership.

There must be collaboration — across the political aisle, between federal, state and local governments and between the public and private sectors. Solutions must be based on scientific evidence and human rights. We can make the unprecedented opportunity of ending the HIV epidemic in the United States a reality by providing the resources, policies and programs necessary to ensure that HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services are widely available.

For 30 years, advocates from across the United States have brought their own voices to the nation’s halls of power for AIDSWatch, the nation’s largest annual constituent-based HIV advocacy event.

Cada año, AIDSWatch congrega a cientos de personas con VIH y a sus aliados en Washington, D.C., para conocer asuntos de las políticas más recientes, las estrategias de comunicación y las tácticas de defensoría. Y nos seguiremos reuniendo hasta que logremos acabar con la epidemia del VIH.

Ya poseemos los conocimientos y las herramientas para acabar con la epidemia de VIH en los Estados Unidos, y los funcionarios federales se han comprometido a lograrlo en los próximos 10 años. Sin embargo, para alcanzar este objetivo será necesario ampliar las soluciones esenciales, eliminar los obstáculos y ejercer un verdadero liderazgo.

Es necesario que haya colaboración, por encima de los intereses políticos, entre los gobiernos federal, estatal y local, y entre los sectores público y privado. Las soluciones deben basarse en evidencias científicas y en los derechos humanos. Podemos hacer realidad una oportunidad sin precedentes de acabar con la epidemia de VIH en Estados Unidos proporcionando los recursos, las políticas y los programas necesarios para garantizar que los servicios de prevención, atención, tratamiento y apoyo del VIH estén ampliamente disponibles.

Durante 30 años, los defensores en todos los Estados Unidos han hecho escuchar su voz en los espacios de poder de la nación en favor de AIDSWatch, el mayor evento anual de defensa del VIH apoyado por los constituyentes.

Abstract submission

The AIDSWatch planning partners are issuing a call to community members to host workshops related to HIV policy during AIDSWatch 2024.

The deadline to submit an abstract is Oct. 30, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

Convocatoria de resúmenes

Los socios planificadores de AIDSWatch extienden una invitación a los miembros de la comunidad para que organicen talleres relacionados con la política del VIH durante AIDSWatch 2024.

La fecha límite para presentar un resumen temático será el 31 de octubre de 2023 a las 11:59pm EDT.

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2023 advocate briefs

At the 30th anniversary AIDSWatch, we continued this advocacy work focusing on policies relating to quality of life, access to health care, civil rights, aging with HIV, HIV decriminalization and federal funding. All of this is in the context of both the COVID-19 pandemic and mpox outbreak, which continue to disproportionately impact our communities. While there has been tremendous progress since that first AIDSWatch, we still need vigorous HIV advocacy.

Check out all the priority policies advocates pushed for at AIDSWatch 2023.

2023 AIDSWatch in review

AIDSWatch 2023 was a huge success. More than 350 HIV advocates from 37 states meet with 182 congressional offices. Thank you to everyone who attended, and we look forward to seeing you at the next AIDSWatch. Read more on our blog.