Game Changing Men Fireside Chats: Transgender Week of Visibility

In honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) on March 31, AIDS United and our partners at Game Changing Men (GCM) are sharing recorded fireside chats to further highlight the transmasculine experience, particularly within the South. 

GCM was founded in 2021 by Quinton Reynolds. Its mission is, “to erase stigmas and barriers for the progression of Black (transmasculine) men in society, by addressing toxic masculinity and promoting health to end violence and ensure the safety and wellness for communities of color. This is achieved through story sharing, practicing collective care, group activities for bonding and providing tools and resources to strengthen marginalized communities. 

Trans Week of Visibility & Action is celebrated on the last week of March, leading up to International TDOV on March 31. The advocacy day was established in 2010 by trans advocate Rachel Crandall in Michigan to counter the notion that trans people’s lives are filled with violence and fear. International TDOV continues to highlight the vibrancy of trans people, their gender identities and status. At a time in which anti-transgender legislation continues to grow, the day is critical in showing trans people beyond the stereotypes they are often sorted into. It is a day where their rich and full lives can be seen by the world if trans peoples, in their personal agency, so choose. 

See the two conversations below between Reynolds and guests. The first features a discussion between Reynolds and Allyn Cropper, My Brother Too Executive Director (New Orleans Road Stop). In the second, Twan McGary, Trust the Process Executive Director (Dallas Road Stop), joins the conversation. 


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