AIDS United Melanated Movement Campaign #RiskToReasons

Join us in the fight to end the HIV epidemic in our community.

The Melanated Movement is an education and awareness campaign working to end the HIV epidemic and stigma and tackle misinformation through education, prevention and stories from Black cisgender and transgender women living with HIV. 

We are dedicated to educating Black cis and trans women about prevention and risk and providing solutions for those in care — as well as giving a platform for stories by Black women living with the virus to help fight stigma and end the epidemic. 

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The Mission of the Movement

Our mission is to help end the epidemic through education and awareness. We provide resources and tools to help Black cis and trans women with HIV access quality care and treatment. We also offer ways to reduce the risk of transmission. The focuses of the Melanated Movement are:

Stigma reduction

We are focused on reframing the messaging around HIV and prevention with a platform to have honest conversations. Our positive, empowering conversations will end the shame and stigma associated with HIV prevention, risk factors, testing, symptoms, transmission and risk to be more inclusive and empowering.  

Sharing stories 

We are committed to advocating for and amplifying the stories of Black cis and trans women. Storytelling is a powerful tool, and we invite Black cis and trans women in care to share their stories. Hearing stories from Black women living with HIV will help raise awareness and increase understanding and empathy.

Our platform offers a safe space to connect and uplift so that we can end the epidemic together. We’re dedicated to fighting stigma by giving a voice to our sisters. Learn from their experiences, solutions and stories of hope. 


Learn prevention methods and provide resources to help our community understand how to protect themselves and those around them. We provide accurate and up-to-date information on the latest HIV prevention strategies. Prevention methods help our community understand how to defend themselves, and those around them are some up-to-date strategies. 


Find out where to go for testing, what to expect and how to talk to your health care provider to understand results. Learn about signs, symptoms and at-home HIV test kit options access, including testing services in your area. Confidential results in the comfort of your own home. 


In response to HIV outbreaks, we will provide information to direct resources to the communities that need them most. Patient peer navigation, the red-carpet experience, trauma-informed care, intimate partner violence and self-efficacy/resilience are some of the pain points we will discuss in our live conversations and in-person events. 

Call for Ambassadors

Connect with others who understand and help create solutions to tackle the epidemic. Become an ambassador and influencer during the spring and summer of 2023 to promote awareness of upcoming social media live streams, webinars, and in-person events. Topics will include HIV education, testing options, reducing stigma, HIV criminalization, body autonomy and red-carpet care. AIDS United is currently partnering with historically Black colleges and universities and primarily Black institutions to help spread the word about the need for education about HIV transmission, symptoms, home tests, testing locations near them, home test options and treatment if needed. In addition, a social toolkit with assets is available for supporters to share and post on social media. 

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HIV Is Not A Crime Day Virtual Roundtable

For #HIVIsNotACrime Day watch Mandisa Moore-O’Neal the Executive Director at the Center for HIV Law & Policy leads the social takeover with colleague Jada Hicks, Kamara Laffrey of the Sero Project, LaTrischa Miles of KC Health Center, Alleen King Carter of Living In 3-D, and Vanita Ray.

In this virtual roundtable, hear stories in an open dialogue about the dangers of living as a Black cis and trans woman with HIV in the US. Watch now on all AIDS United platforms.


HIV Is Not A Crime Day Virtual Roundtable

#ProtectBlackWomen! It’s a social takeover for HIV is Not a Crime A Day.

Watch the conversation about humanity and value by a coalition of experts who discuss the impacts of HIV criminalization laws on Black cis and trans women.

Mandisa Moore-O’Neal of @hivlawandpolicy leads the chat with colleague Jada Hicks, @instakam3 of @theseroproject @laadyv1 @lmilesgrace and Alleen King Carter of @preventionmc on how we can create a future of justice and the reasons for HIV prevention.

When: Monday February 27 at 6pm EST

Join our mission to #EndHIV and HIV criminalization at

#HIVIsNotACrime #ProtectBlackWomen #MelanatedMovement #HINACDAY2023 ##RisktoReasons #supportBlackwomen #defendBlackwomen

National Condom Day

Protect your health and well-being this National Condom Week! As Black cis women and trans women, we are at higher risk for HIV, so let’s make sure we take the necessary precautions. #NationalCondomWeek

Celebrate National Condom Week with us at Melanated Movement. This week, we’re all about advocating for safer sex and all the ways to ensure a worry-free and healthy sex life. Strengthen your HIV prevention and protection knowledge with our resources for free condoms for you and your partner! 


#BlackWomenHealth #EndHIV #MelanatedMovement #NationalCondomWeek #NationalCondomDay #BlackWomen #BlackCisWomen #BlackTransWomen #Trans #EndHIV

Melanated Movement Kickoff Video

Join the Melanated Movement, a new HIV campaign for Black women by AIDS United.

Get free testing.
Reduce stigma.
Increase access to care.
And more.

End the epidemic in our community.


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This campaign was made possible through a grant from Viiv Healthcare’s Risk To Reason Initiative.