Messages of hope on World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is a day to remember those we have lost to HIV and to recommit to doing all we can to stop new transmissions and ensure those of us living with HIV receive the care we need to live long, healthy and vibrant lives.

It’s also a day to celebrate the resiliency of the HIV community. Our resiliency is rooted in the support we give each other. Indeed, our strength has always been in each other.

It’s particularly important to remind ourselves of that this year, because we are not able to be in person with each other like we have been able to in years past.

That’s why this World AIDS Day, AIDS United asked a few community leaders to offer words of hope and strength.

AIDS United’s Jesse Milan Jr. had this to say:

“We have so much, so much that we can be proud of because we have been resilient and strong, working together to advance our needs and our goals. And we’ve proven time and time again that our lives matter. Our lives, be they Black, Brown, Native, Asian, gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender — our lives matter. And together we’ve achieved much over nearly 40 years. And as we look at the year ahead, we have a great new goal to achieve together — and that’s ending the epidemic by 2025. So, on this World AIDS Day, let’s remember those we’ve loved and lost, and let’s recognize that we are resilient, we are strong and we have a new goal sheet to achieve that we can achieve together.”

Other community leaders included:

●Wanda Brendle-Moss.

●Barb Cardell.

●Celena Morrison.

●Anselmo Fonseca.

●Julio J. Fonseca.

●Ronald Johnson.

●Deondre Moore.

●Sister Allie Lewya.

●Tori Cooper.

Watch all the messages of hope: