Safer partying resources and harm reduction tips for college students heading back to campus

Many college students are gearing up for a return to campus life as the new school year begins. The new year often means parties and social gatherings. While these events can be a great way to connect and have fun, it’s important for students to prioritize their well-being and safety, especially when it comes to substance use.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered a collection of essential resources that offer harm reduction guidance tailored specifically to college students, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions while partying.

Check out the list:

Safer Drug Use for College Students — This harm reduction guide from San Francisco State provides essential harm reduction advice tailored to college students returning for a new school year. It offers insights into safer drug use practices, emphasizing practical strategies to minimize risks associated with substance use. The guide covers topics such as understanding drug potency, testing substances, dosage recommendations, staying informed about the effects and interactions of drugs, and creating a support network. It also provides key information on bystander intervention as a means to collectively enhance safety during social events where substance use might occur. By promoting responsible and informed decision-making, the resource aims to enhance students’ well-being and safety in social environments where drug use might occur.

Drug Facts — This resource from the Drug Policy Alliance compiles webpages and downloadable PDFs with factual, non-stigmatizing information on various substances. It serves as a valuable source of knowledge for students returning to university, providing them with a well-rounded understanding of drugs and their broader implications in the legal and political landscape. By having all the facts, students can make informed decisions that allow them to be safe while partying.

Drug Checking, Drug Information and WeLoveConsent — These three resources from our friends at DanceSafe are also important tools to have for safer partying. DanceSafe’s mission is simple: “We’re here because we believe in the transformative power of people caring about other people.” Their drug checking services range from at-home tests to advanced laboratory analysis, allowing individuals to gain crucial insights into the substances they intend to consume. Additionally, their comprehensive drug information resources empower partygoers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices, while their focus on consent and health and safety promotes a culture of respect and well-being within party environments.

Empowered with nonstigmatizing facts, students can start the school year with a well-rounded understanding of the substances they might encounter in social settings. In an environment where misinformation can be prevalent, having access to accurate information empowers students to make choices that prioritize their safety and well-being while partying. Whether you’re a returning student or someone looking to enhance your harm reduction knowledge, these resources will prove to be valuable companions as you navigate the dynamic world of safer partying.