Technical assistance resources for harm reduction organizations

Below is a short compilation of our technical assistance resources for syringe services programs and harm reduction organizations in the United States. We are continuing to grow this page as a resource for communities. If you are interested in more information, please reach out to our harm reduction team at

  1. Ready 4 Change: A Harm Reduction Community Guide to Leadership Transition (Dec. 2021) 

    “As a movement, we can then get better at making sure that inevitable changes in leadership result in stronger, more creative, vibrant and functional organizations that continue serving their missions and participants.”

  2. Chemsex 101 (May 2021) 

    This toolkit provides harm reduction organizations and syringe services programs an overview of chemsex, including the communities impacted and the range of use; a description of the different substances being used, including their effects, what to expect when using, and how to stay safe; a summary of education to provide participants, the importance of peers, harm reduction strategies, and the role technology plays in chemsex. 

  3. The Right Hit: Developing Effective Media Strategies at Syringe Services Programs (May 2021)This toolkit can assist syringe services programs to publicly discuss the benefits and challenges of their programs and address drug-related stigma in the media.
  4. Sex Education is Harm Reduction (May 2023)