AIDSWatch: The Road to Resiliency, a success for AIDSUnited

AIDS United, in partnership with the US PLHIV Caucus and the Treatment Access Expansion Project, hosted AIDSWatch: Road to Resiliency Sept. 29-30.

More than 1,500 people registered for the event, the largest registration ever for the annual event.

AIDSWatch is the largest national, constituent-led HIV advocacy event in the country. Every year, AIDSWatch brings together the HIV field — from funders to activists — to discuss the issues most pressing to those of us living with and impacted by HIV.

AIDSWatch is typically held once a year in the Spring. There was a virtual edition of AIDSWatch in March, just as the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States. That was the first time AIDSWatch was held digitally.

The planning partners decided to host a second, follow-up AIDSWatch six months after the last to respond to all that has occurred since then.

The latest AIDSWatch consisted of four plenary sessions that focused on what has been learned about HIV and COVID-19 in the last six months, racial justice in the HIV movement, voting as HIV advocacy, and what’s on the horizon for the HIV movement.

With panelists from every corner of the United States, these sessions were a fantastic showing of what the HIV community can and will continue to fight for.

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If you missed AIDSWatch: The Road to Resiliency and wish to catch up, you can access slide decks and advocacy briefs below. We will have recordings from each session in the weeks to come.

Slide Decks:

Opening Panel

HIV and Racial Justice: Decentralizing Whiteness, Centering Communities of Color

Advocacy and GOTV During COVID-19

HIV in the Movement & What’s Next

Advocacy Briefs:

Advocacy Brief- Spanish

Advocacy Brief- English