Policy Structure and Principles of AIDS United’s Board of Trustees

AIDS United’s mission is to end the HIV epidemic in the United States.  Our work is always guided by the voices of people living with and communities most vulnerable to HIV.  AIDS United envisions a time when all people, organizations and governments commit to ending the epidemic and strengthening the health, well-being and human rights of everyone impacted by HIV.  We are committed to continually understanding, engaging and listening to all voices and entities addressing the epidemic by seeking and bringing them together to help achieve our mission.  Convening those many voices and organizations is a tradition and hallmark of AIDS United.

In working to achieve our mission, AIDS United is committed to honoring our responsibility to all our constituents and the trust they place in us by working deliberately, openly and with integrity.

 AIDS United policy positions are guided by the Public Policy Council (PPC).  AIDS United is committed to sustaining the 35-year leading advocacy role and policy positions of the PPC. The PPC is a membership body of HIV-related organizations convened and empowered to develop the public policy and advocacy agenda and positions of AIDS United.  It is an integral part of AIDS United and is structurally a standing committee of our board of trustees, having at all times a board-designated co-chair.

AIDS United policy staff support the PPC and work to carry out the PPC’s agenda, positions and priorities.  New members of the PPC must be approved by a majority of current members, and positions of the PPC may only be amended or overturned by a 75% majority of the AIDS United board of trustees.

 Focusing always on our mission and the trust placed in our organization, the board of trustees affirms and reaffirms the following principles for AIDS United’s work and policy positions:

Endorsed by the AIDS United Board of Trustees, October 4, 2019