Capacity Building - Requesting Support

Help your organization respond more effectively to your community’s needs. With our technical assistance services, you will be better equipped for the work of ending the HIV epidemic. We have spent over a decade providing personalized, outcome-driven support, coaching, workshops and other technical assistance services. To get your request started, email our capacity building team at

Our approach

We use a continuous consultative approach to identify, plan, implement and evaluate technical assistance. By ensuring open avenues of communication and adaptability throughout our engagement with partners, we support program improvements, detailed data collection and evaluation of technical assistance effectiveness toward strengthening the capacity of organizations and programs. Our goal is to assist you in implementing and achieving improved outcomes related to integrated HIV activities and structural interventions.

Who is eligible?

Regardless of the size, infrastructure or governance of your organization, AIDS United is here for you. Our skilled team of specialists work with organizations of all sizes across the United States and its affiliated territories, including community coalitions, government agencies, harm reduction service providers, educational institutions, community-based organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers and health care practitioners to deliver customized technical assistance services in response to identified needs.

How do I get started?

Send an email to request technical assistance services at See below for more details on our specific offerings. We provide services on a sliding scale based on your organizational size and budget, the kinds of services rendered, travel needs, etc.

Are you located in the Midwest?

Organizations directly or indirectly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide HIV prevention services in the Midwest may be eligible for no-cost services from a network of leading CDC capacity building assistance providers. To learn more, please email us at

What do you offer?

We offer services to meet the specific needs of your organization, including:

  • Integrated HIV prevention and care planning.
  • Social determinants of health and cultural humility.
  • Syringe services programs and harm reduction strategies.
  • Condom distribution as a structural intervention.
  • HIV partner services.
  • “Ending the HIV Epidemic” jurisdictional plan development and implementation.
  • Workforce development and systems strengthening.
  • Strategic, meaningful and sustained community engagement.
  • Innovation treatment and retention in care program integration.
  • Evidence-informed intervention implementation.
  • Health policy assessment and development.