Mobilizing voters in the 2020 election

With less than 40 days until the 2020 election, voter registration deadlines are swiftly approaching. Because many states’ voter registration deadlines are Oct. 9, it is important to ensure you and those around you are registered to vote and have a plan to cast your ballot on Nov. 3.

If HIV is an important voting issue for you, checking out AIDS United’s election center is a great place to start. This page provides presidential candidate’s answers to how their administration will tackle top issues related to HIV. The voting center page also provides candidate information for elections in all 50 states.

If you or someone you know is looking to get registered to vote, the Positive Women’s Network has a variety of resources to help them register. They also provide information on researching candidates. #PWNVotes, the organization’s get out the vote campaign, features links and tips to effectively leverage your voting power and get those in your community involved in the election process. This information breaks down what individuals need in order to register to vote in their area, answers questions on voting practices and provides information on your rights as a voter.

For example, individuals exploring #PWNVotes are able to use Vote411, a tool voters can use to view what races will be on their ballot. This tool also allows for users to view information on the candidates including a short biography, contact information for their campaign, as well as answers to main issue areas.

Voting is an essential piece of our democracy. You have the power to help make a positive impact on your community by assisting those around you in registering to vote and helping others to create a voting plan.

Knowing that COVID-19 has placed additional hurdles on voters, ensuring equal access to casting your ballot this fall is a priority. AIDS United will continue to monitor and uplift efforts to create improved access to our electoral process.

To learn more about what you or your organization can do to help get out the vote or to learn how to mobilize voters this upcoming election, join us at AIDSWatch: The Road to Resiliency next week.