You have the power to tell Congress to end the epidemic

Ending the HIV epidemic will take a considerable amount of funding.

Programs funded through the Department of Health and Human Services, Medicaid and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are critical components of several organizations’ abilities to put a stop to the HIV epidemic. These programs are all funded through the direction of Congress, which sets the budgets for many of the programs that people living with and vulnerable to HIV depend on.

If we are going to end the HIV epidemic in the United States, we must ensure that everyone living with HIV has access to health care, support and services that they need and deserve. In order to succeed at this goal, the needs of people living with HIV must be met. These needs include affordable medications, safe housing, access to addiction treatment services as well as access to both physical and mental health care.

This requires support from Congress to ensure critical programs are funded at levels that ensure that people living with and vulnerable to HIV receive the assistance they need.

We ask that you send your legislators a letter asking them to fund programs such as the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, the Housing Opportunities for People with HIV/AIDS program and the Minority AIDS Initiative.

Additionally, we need Congress’ help to reach everyone at risk for HIV, including people who use drugs. This involves asking your legislator to support repealing the ban for using federal funding on sterile syringes. These materials are needed to reduce the risk of HIV and viral hepatitis transmission through injection drug use.

In order to end the HIV epidemic, Congress must ensure that we have the funding required. This funding is absolutely critical to ensuring that those at risk for HIV have the prevention tools necessary and those living with HIV remain in care. By taking this holistic approach, we have the ability to end the HIV epidemic.