Best Practices: Creating a Transgender-Affirming Organization

Many HIV-focused organizations pride themselves on being “LGBT-friendly.” Yet how prepared are we to really meet the needs of transgender and gender-expansive people? We all come to this work with the best of intentions but many of us just don’t have the skills and knowledge we need. This webinar is intended for staff at HIV-focused and social justice organizations who want to understand and better serve people who are transgender and gender-expansive in our communities.

Using a social justice framework and drawing on sources from across the social science, policy and advocacy, and community organizing arenas this webinar present practical ways to make your organization affirming to transgender people. Speakers will debunk myths and provide information about the range of transgender and gender-expansive identities and experiences, overview terminology, etiquette, and give an array of strategies to attract transgender and gender-expansive clients and talent. Participants will gain comfort talking about transgender and gender-expansive issue areas and will understand how these issues are critical to meaningful HIV treatment and prevention.

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  • Christine Campbell
  • Achim Howard
  • Arianna Lint
  • Amy Nelson
  • Hayden Mora
  • Catalina Velasquez