Capacity building

What is capacity building?

AIDS United has long believed it is important to provide community-based organizations with the technical assistance and organizational management tools they need to most effectively respond to the HIV epidemic where they live. AIDS United staff regularly design and provide customized and appropriate technical assistance to communities around the country.

Technical assistance

Do you have a plan to end the HIV epidemic in your community?

Are you looking to deepen provider knowledge of cultural humility for priority communities?

Do you need support in developing strategies for social media and social marketing?

Whether the answer is yes, no or maybe, we can help.

Midwest Capacity Building Institute

AIDS United is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Capacity Building Provider Network. Organizations directly or indirectly funded by the CDC to provide HIV prevention services in the Midwest may be eligible for no-cost services from a network of leading CDC capacity building assistance providers.

Our role within this network is to support our partners in the 13 Midwest jurisdictions. We can deliver tailored, outcome-driven support, coaching and workshops to health departments and their community partners.

We can help you adapt your jurisdictional plan to emerging needs, implement your plan, guide your community engagement efforts and more:

  • Integrated HIV prevention and care planning.
  • Social determinants of health and cultural humility.
  • Syringe services programs and harm reduction strategies.
  • Condom distribution as a structural intervention.
  • HIV partner services.
  • “Ending the HIV Epidemic” jurisdictional plan development and implementation.
  • Workforce development and systems strengthening.
  • Strategic, meaningful, and sustained community engagement.
  • Evidence-informed intervention implementation.
  • Health policy assessment and development.

If you’re funded by the CDC — whether you are located in one of the Midwest jurisdictions or are somewhere else within the United States and its affiliated territories — email our capacity building assistance team at, and we can connect you to the relevant no-cost technical assistance providers in your area.

Outside the Midwest? Not funded by the CDC? AIDS United can still help your organization.

We offer technical expertise in a range of topics and would love to hear more about your individual capacity building needs. Reach out to our team at to discuss how AIDS United can assist you in your work to end the HIV epidemic in the United States.