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AIDS United’s grantmaking portfolio dates back to the founding of the National AIDS Fund in 1987.

Open grants

Southern HIV Impact Fund – Request for Proposals  2024-2025 

Pre – Application Submission and Timeline 

Applicants have two options to submit responses to this request for pre-applications: 

  1. Written pre-applications will be submitted via AIDS United’s online Pre-Application form by 6 p.m. ET/5 PM CT on July 22, 2024. Questions do not have a word limit. However, applicants should aim for written responses to the Pre-Application Narrative questions to be no longer than one-page, single space with 12-point font.
  2. Applicants can submit a pre-recorded video that is no longer than 15 minutes in length, responding to the Pre-Application Narrative Questions. Videos should be uploaded to AIDS United’s online Pre-form by 6 p.m. ET/5 PM CT on July 22, 2024. Applicants submitting a pre-recorded video will submit responses to the overview questions in the Pre-Application.

If selected, applicants will be notified to submit a full application between August 12 and September 19. Grantees will be notified by October 7.  

View the full request for proposals, including eligibility requirements, application process and timeline. 

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Funding for local communities

$118 Million

for local communities

Additional investments leveraged

$184 Million

additional investments leveraged

Organizations supported


organizations supported each year

As of January 2021, our strategic grantmaking initiatives have directly funded more than $118 million to local communities, and we have leveraged more than $184 million in additional investments for programs that include, but are not limited to, syringe access, access to care, capacity-building, HIV prevention and advocacy.

Regions we’ve been able to provide support for:

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You can email with any grants-related questions. Please include your name, your organization’s name and the state where you’re located.

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