Peer Services: Evolving & Sustaining the Model in a Time of Change

As health care moves to integrate HIV care into a medical home model it is important not to lose a key, life-saving, and proven efficacious intervention. We must work to maintain Peer services in this new landscape, with appropriate training, certification, and funding streams for reimbursement. Sustainability of Peer services is critical to linking and retaining PLWHA in care and improving health outcomes. This webinar discusses critical systems-level issues that are key factors in preserving and enhancing Peer services in the current health care reform landscape, including:

  • Lessons learned to date in pursuing Medicaid and private insurance reimbursement, including steps to begin this process
  • New data from a prior Special Project of National Significance (SPNS) initiative on the link between Peer support and health outcomes for PLWHA
  • Understanding some best practices in building pro-Peer alliances with clinicians
  • Peer certification models

Download the slides here.