Policy and Advocacy

The time to end the HIV epidemic is now.

Our regional and national advocacy activities are informed by each other, are driven by our Public Policy Council's vision and guidance, and are aligned with our programmatic work.

We have all the scientific tools to end the HIV epidemic. What we lack is the political will to invest in these interventions.

This means:

  • Educating Congress about HIV.
  • Budget and appropriations advocacy.
  • Integrating HIV prevention, care and
    treatment into health care.
  • Strengthening the Ryan White Program.
  • Investment in evidence-based prevention strategies.
  • Greater diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Pushing the president’s administration to prioritize HIV.
  • Secure housing for everyone living with and vulnerable to HIV.
  • Adopting a harm reduction approach.
  • Ensuring the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV at all levels.
  • Advocating for policy tactics to address the social determinants of health.

Public Policy Council

We bring together organizations from across the United States to advocate for people living with or vulnerable to HIV and the organizations that serve them.

The Public Policy Council operates as a standing committee of the AIDS United board of trustees, informing the policy priorities of the organization.