Succession Planning Learning Module

A change in CEO leadership is inevitable for all organizations. It is a time of risk, opportunity, and certainly indicates a period when the Board must increase their level of engagement. Successful leadership transitions occur when organizations are thoughtful about how they prepare for the change. The Succession Planning Learning Module is a great place to begin the process of succession planning at your organization.

Succession planning is an integral part of a healthy and sustainable organization. Whether a leader is pondering their exit soon or not, it is essential to have a succession plan in place to create seamless transitions and provide uninterrupted services to clients. Developing a succession plan helps senior leaders create an organizational culture that fosters and nurtures leadership development, ensuring a successful and sustainable organization when the leader departs.

In 2016, AIDS United’s Sector Transformation program saw a critical need in the field for succession planning. We collaborated with consultants at Raffa, P.C. in Washington, DC to offer a Succession Planning Institute. The institute was such a success that AIDS United has offered the Succession Planning Institute three times, including once in Puerto Rico. To make this important training more widely available, we have compiled the Succession Planning Institute resources presented during virtual meetings in our new online Succession Planning Learning Module. Scroll down to download each resource.

Download the slides here

  • Building a Learning Organization – Examples

    Five ways to create an organizational culture that fosters and nurtures leadership development.

  • Leadership Development – Webinar Slides

    How to shape your organization as a “learning organization” and provide tools to support leadership development.

  • Leadership Plan Template

    Tools to help identify your organization’s strategic priorities and recognize leadership development opportunities for staff.

  • Prepare for a CEO Transition

    Learn the seven steps to take prior to launching the successful search and leadership transition for your new CEO.

  • The Board’s role in Succession and Transition – Webinar Slides

    Determine the Board’s role in succession planning and transition management.

  • Emergency Backup Planning – Webinar Slides

    Learn how to plan for a leader’s unexpected absence, whether short-term or permanent.