Succession Planning: Organizational Stability and Leadership Development

Shifts in senior leadership, especially at the executive level, can wreak havoc, causing disruptions in client services, departure of essential staff, reduced funding, or even closure. Organizations must take the necessary steps to plan for a leader’s departure, whether expected or not.

This webinar features a succession planning expert and two leaders in the HIV field who have implemented succession plans, to learn how to incorporate a succession plan into your organization!

Participants will:

  • Hear from a panel of leaders in the field who have developed succession plans within their organizations.
  • Learn essential processes and tools in the event of a planned or unplanned absence or departure from a succession planning expert.
  • Understand best practices and practical ways to cultivate a leadership development culture within their organization and developing strong leadership teams.
  • Develop knowledge of best practices around engaging the Board, particularly the Executive Committee, in thinking critically about how best to handle a planned Executive Director/CEO departure.


  • Rachael Gibson, Senior Consultant, Raffa, P.C.
  • Debbie Warren, President & CEO, RAIN
  • Phill Wilson, Founder, President & CEO, The Black AIDS Institute

Download the slides here.