Using Online Tools to Coordinate HIV Services Following a Natural Disaster

One of the common challenges after last year’s hurricanes was a lack of communication among social service agencies. Many HIV providers have expressed that, in the immediate aftermath of the devastation, it would have been very helpful to know who had which resources so they could send clients to the appropriate places for support.

During this webinar, two AIDS United HIV Hurricane Relief grantees will discuss their experience using Slack – a free online tool – to coordinate with organizations in their community after Hurricane Irma. Slack’s team-based platform facilitates collaboration between individuals and organizations. Our speakers will describe how Slack was helpful in coordinating resources and why one of them is setting up a more permanent Slack channel for future use.

Participants will learn how Slack works, how organizations can sign up and get trained, how it can help them connect with other agencies, and how it helped the speakers coordinate with other service providers after Hurricane Irma wracked South Florida.


  • Ashley Mayfaire, Co-Founder & Director of Operations for TransSOCIAL, Inc.
  • Morgan Mayfaire, Co-Founder & Executive Director for TransSOCIAL, Inc.
  • Alisha Hurwood, Housing Rights Attorney at Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Inc.

Download the slides here.